Welcome back kids! In today’s MCU Speculation, we revisit Captain America: Civil War. We revisit this almost guaranteed-to-be majestic beauty of a film, because new supposition, postulation, and erudition of the movie’s plot and contents has arisin. So bear with me, as we recap what is leaking out and speculate about what this means for the MCU.


According to JoBlo, the following is part of Civil War:

  • Black Panther starts the film on a mission of his own, and will be using his own Stark-style private jet. JoBlo (and others like myself) suggests that he may be searching for Winter Soldier separately from Captain America;
  • Black Panther starts the film on Stark’s side of the argument re: Government control;
  • There will be a clash between Black Panther and Captain America;
  • Black Panther’s costume will be “shrouded” in Vibranium, and he will be able to damage Cap’s shield;
  • Hawkeye will get an updated costume;
  • Ant-Man will get a “bigger” costume upgrade, which will make it more tech-stylish;
  • War-Machine will wear an upgraded suit, with a detachable shoulder cannon;
  • Falcon will have Redwing with him, but instead of a telepathically linked hawk, it’ll be a drone; and
  • Cap will add chainmail armor to his suit.

So that’s a lot to unpack.

Black Panther

I agree that Black Panther is going to be on his own mission at the start of the movie. Black Panther will either be after Klaue and the Vibranium he stole and gave to Ultron, or after Winter Soldier for killing T’Chaka. The reason it took Black Panther so long to figure out that Winter Soldier was responsible is because his involvement in T’Chaka’s death was only revealed after The Winter Soldier, and after Black Widow released all of Shield’s files to the internet.


At the same time Black Panther finds out Winter Soldier is responsible for T’Chaka’s death, Tony Stark finds out that Winter Soldier is responsible for Howard and Maria Stark’s deaths. There’s the basis for the personal conflict between Tony, T’Challa, and Steve: Steve wants to save his friend, and Stark and T’Challa want to avenge the deaths of their parents.

In the comics, Wakanda is a more technically advanced society, rivaling the First World (and sometimes surpassing it). The only reason most people don’t know anything about it is because of its strict isolationism. However, the murder of T’Chaka and theft of Vibranium are enough to bring Wakanda, T’Challa, and Black Panther into the public eye.

Further, because of Wakanda’s technological advances, and T’Challa’s personal wealth, it makes sense that he would have technology that would rival Stark’s, including the advanced private jet.


As noted above, Black Panther’s suit is “shrouded” in vibranium. if you look at the artwork of the suit for the movie, this seems plausible. I would assume that the claws and chrome-ish accoutrements are in fact pure vibranium, just like Cap’s shield. This explains why he would be able to damage the shield - it’s vibranium on vibranium violence! (Example: Diamonds used to cut diamonds. Go figure).

As for the suit itself, I could imagine that it is laced with vibranium, much like Vision’s skin was manufactured by Dr. Cho. Wakanda has had hundreds of years to experiment with vibranium - they very well may have perfected it before Dr. Cho got her hands on it. Or, it’s possible that Dr. Cho was involved in making the suit, and is very good at not telling people. I bet she would have spilled the beans to Thor, though.

Clash Between Black Panther, Tony Stark, and Captain America

Given Wakanda’s staunch isolationism, it’s hard for me to think that T’Challa would want to have more government oversight of the Avengers. That is unless the events of Ultron (Hulk v. Veronica) and whatever happens in Civil War prompts him to want a leash on the team.


My theory:

Frank Grillo (Crossbones) is already done filming his part for the movie. That seems....short. I feel he will be this movie’s Batroc, and only be an initial threat to Captain America. Maybe he will be the catalist that causes the world to want to put a leash on the Avengers and require more government oversight.

Here, Cap and Falcon are in Africa (or possibly covertly in Wakanda) because Winter Soldier is close. However, Crossbones ambushes them, causing a bigh fight and some collateral damage, as Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and the rest of the team show up as backup. Whatever damage they cause gets them on everyone’s shit list, T’Challa included.


Tony will then initially recruit Black Panther to help corral Captain America, and convince him that apprehending Winter Soldier is not an option. The two will be out for blood, with Captain America as their only real obstacle. Black Panther and Cap fight, realize they aren’t so different, and Black Panther begins to doubt Stark’s methods.

Overall, Black Panther is going to be team Cap, for sure.

Ant-Man and Hawkeye

I included both of these heroes because we will hopefully see one of the greatest scenes of all time: Ant-Man riding one of Hawkeye’s arrows. This scene, if included, will justify the entirety of Ant-Man, no matter how much it makes or what reviews it gets. It’ll be worth it. Completely.


It’s interesting that Ant-Man will have a new suit already. I suspect that it will be something he and Pym and Hope create, and not Stark. For whatever reason, Pym and Stark won’t get along. I surmise this due to the trailer so far: Pym has a small workshop, and has foregone the corporate life. He is everything Stark isn’t.

Also, judging by Lang’s portrayal so far, it appears that he is done with the criminal aspect of his life, and wants to go straight. I initially placed him on Stark’s side of the fight, because he wants to be good in the eyes of his daughter and exhibit responsibility. However, the JoBlo rumors suggest he will fight Iron Man and his forces as GIANT MAN. This, combined with the possibility that he rides one of Hawkeye’s arrows, suggests that he’ll be team Cap.

Hawkeye is 100% team Cap. He wanted to retire from the Avengers (and did at the end of Ultron), and even kept his whole family and home secluded from the Avengers, let alone the government. He does not want oversight, and does not want to be anyone’s puppet (See: Avengers).



It makes sense that Redwing will be changed from a telepathic hawk (??) to a drone. So far, we just learned of telekinesis (she’s weird) in the form of Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch was the result of years of tinkering by von Strucker. They would have to explain a lot to convince us that Sam Wilson could communicate telepathically with a hawk.

Also, the nature of Falcon’s suit and wings makes a drone more plausible. His suit was a Falcon suit designed by the US Military, and it appears he will have advanced wings in Civil War. Stark’s designs, tech, and use of the Iron Legion suggest that he would be willing and able to make a hawklike drone to assist Falcon on his missions. I expect it to have a distinct personality for Wilson to banter with. Please.


And there you have it. Thoughts?